I created a program to rename files based on simple interpolation of a series of fragments extract first from the files info provided by the OS, and optionally by using Python scripts.


I noticed a common pattern in my computer usage. I’d want to rename a bunch of files based on some arbitrary categorisation and I’d just write a little Python script to do it, calculating/scraping/gathering which information I needed for the rename. This really worked just fine, but each time I’d rewrite the actual logic of renaming the files.

I decided it would be nice to extract that out into a tool, while still keeping the flexibility of the Python scripts (because you really really can’t beat the speed of a little script for such stuff!)

Rust Strikes Again!

I really love Rust’s ergonomics for so many things, and it really does save you from messing up stuff with its fastidious checking and memory guarantees. But it does mean that it’s always going to be a bit more finicky (even if that finickyness is just hidden from you otherwise).

I’m not sure if I’m convinced of the value of rewriting simple command-line tools in Rust (even though I keep doing it).